Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Ecommerce Websites Development Advice

Hello & Welcome to Easy Ecommerce Sites!

This is a blog where we share the latest information on Ecommerce Website Design & Development. Since we love PHP, we recommend the following Ecommerce Platforms. Depending on your need, feel free to pick one for your online shop:-

  1. OsCommerce - official site
  2. Magento - official site
  3. CubeCart - Official Site
  4. Zen Cart - Official Site
  5. Volusion - Official Site
  6. VirtueMart - Official Site
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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Latest Ecommerce SEO Tips 2013 - What You Should Know

Most Ecommerce website owners have been affected badly due to latest updates in SEO. Whether its Panda, Penguin or EMD update, all alike have some effect on your website's Search Engine Traffic. If you are just starting your Ecommerce website, here are a few handy tips in below Infographic that can help you get a better search engine ranking.

These Ecommerce SEO tips, can be used by webmasters to keep their site upto date with latest algorithmic updates that Google rolls in very often.

So if you are starting your Ecommerce portal, make sure that you follow EACH and every aspect that has been highlighted in the infographic below. If you find it helpful or worth sharing, don't hesitate! :)

Monday, May 20, 2013

How Visitors Purchasing Decision Is Influenced On An Ecommerce Site

Bigcommerce has produced an excellent Infographic that lays out the top factors that the visitors consider before they buy on your website. If you are an Ecommerce website owner, this infographic has several takeaways, that you can use to ensure that your shopping cart is not being abandoned quite frequently and you are actually converting most of the visitors of your website.

If you are an Ecommerce Website Developer, then this infographic makes it easier for you to win over your clients and give them an excellent ready-to-convert solution for their Ecommerce platform. Having complete knowledge of what converts and demonstrating it during client meetings can help you earn a better reputation  from client.

Have a look at the infographic, and let us know what you think about it.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

How Good Product Search Features Can Boost Ecommerce Conversions

Whether you are a low budget ecommerce store or you are an established online retailer, the product search feature on your online store can drive your conversions. Wondering how? here are a few quick tips :-

Is your Search Bar discoverable? 

To drive visitors to discover your product, its essential that you give them the freedom to kill the guess work and use their exact keywords for searching on your website. But before you focus on keywords, its important they are able to clearly see where is your Search Bar. Usually web designers prefer to use high contrast colors to highlight the search bar on an Ecommerce platform. So is your Search Bar discoverable? If not, act now, ask your designer to HIGHLIGHT your Search Bar and it could really drive up your coversions.

How does your Search page look like?

If your search page does not display photo-genic search snippets then you are probably not able to allure the visitors who are already searching on your website for related products. A study shows that integrating images in on-site Ecommerce search can boost conversions many times.

How is the Search Filter on your Online Store?

Once the results are aggregated on a search page against the query entered by the visitors, its possible that your visitors are confused. You can not rely on a visitors wit to discover the perfect product if you are serious about making sales. Hence the 'filter feature' - with this feature, you can allow the visitors to find out the perfect color, size etc (based on available filters). So if you are using a store like Magento, you should ensure that you have the best filter options available for your visitors.

How are search pages generated?

If you have an Ecommerce store which has search pages generated for long tailed keywords that can easily be indexed by Google. You can have a way better conversion rate.

How easy is it using keywords on your Online Store?

If your store's autocomplete feature is not smart and intutive you are again going to lose on sales. You can not let your customer go crazy trying to figure out the most INTELLIGENT keyword to find the right product on your Ecommerce store.

Here is wonderful Infographic that shows user search preferences on an Ecommerce store. If you are a web developer who works with a lot of online store, you might find this interesting:-

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

SEO For Ecommerce Websites Gets Tough With Changing Google Algorithms

A great infographic that explains about eCommerce SEO. Since SEO is ever changing, it gets impossible for Ecommerce website owners to stay up to date with latest algorithms that are released by Google and others. This infographic explains how you can go for the Gold! :)

Ecommerce SEO is competitive and unfortunately it gets impossible for individuals to stay in touch with all the updates that are released by main stream search engines. Every day sales results vary with your Search Engine Rankings, that is why it gets so important to rank for your business keywords if you own an Ecommerce website.

Let us know what you think about this Ecommerce SEO Infographic

Volusion SEO Ecommerce

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Ecommerce Layout Color Choice Also Plays A Role In Conversion Rates

If you are an Ecommerce website developer or you are going to setup a new Ecommerce business then choosing the right color is as essential as user experience around the layout.

There is no doubt about that fact that a Good Ecommerce Website Design is essential for excellent conversions. Whether you are a non branded online store or a known brand, using color to your advantage can really boost sales. How? Checkout this cool infographic below:-

Ecommerce Owner Advice - Factors That Influence Buyers Mind

Here is a great Infographic that shows what factors are the most influential ones, when the visitors are making a decision to buy or not to buy from your Ecommerce website.

Ecommerce website developers might find this Infographic share-worthy with their clients and help them to improve their conversion rates.